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a humorous song (flash)

A Shockwave File from Hallmark

Questions & Answer on subjects that concern us.


The Telephone Story The Telephone Story

Power Point slide presentation with audio

( size: 1.5 meg )

Can't view Power Point slide shows cause you don't have Power Point loaded on your computer..??
Not a problem, Microsoft provides a viewer to allow you to view them.

(From our downloads page)
PowerPoint Viewer 2003 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions. This viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them in the PowerPoint Viewer 2003.

Humour ( MP3 size: 999k 4 min 9 sec ) Telephone stike
Lily Tomlin played Ernestine, the telephone operator Regular Performer on Laugh In (1969-1973)




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