Telecommunication Workers Union Local 16 Kelowna BC

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TWU Hotlines - Toll Free 1-888-986-3971

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TWU Local 16: Be very Proud

History Pic - July 21 2005 to Nov 18th 2005

Kelowna Bridge
TWU Local 16
Loud and Proud ( and a bit chilled )

History Pic - July 21 2005 to Nov 18th 2005

Kelowna Enterprise BBQ

We cease all picketing.

We cease all picketing.
Starting Monday, everyone should be called by TELUS within 72 hours. Everyone should be returned to work within the week. If not contact your Business agent or Union representative.

The TA recognizes the TWU as the sole bargaining agent and no members should be obligated to sign any letter or anything to return to work.




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